Op long night

Date/Time – Oct 7, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Format: RPG
GM: Oscar Simmons
System: Heavy Gear 2E
Variations: Heavy Gear Blitz rules for fast mecha combat
Power Level: Cinematic
Maturity Rating: Adult Themes
Number of Players: 2 of 6 available
Game Length: 4
Characters: Provided
For prior players of Operation: Jungle Drums or significant Heavy Gear RPG experience.

The Southern Republic has stepped in with military force to stabilize the Humanist Alliance, where the plague of the Thebian Blight decimated its leadership caste. The Northern Leagues, suffering the assassination of their most prominent religious leader, declares war on the Southern Republic.

In this mayhem, Miranda Petite, Humanist and SIU member, must gather her former teammates to assist in a personal mission. In a game where enemies become allies and allies might not be trusted, intrigue and action abound.

Operation: Long Night

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